The camera is the least important element in photography.” -Julius Shulman

Hi. My name is Mike, a father to Dos and a wedding photographer. Mentored by my friend, Dominic, I started my career as a photographer in January 2011. Having been exposed to different events especially weddings, the unearthing of my talent in photography led to the discovery of a deeper meaning about my passion—that is, when God has bestowed a gift of talent upon a person, this gift must be translated into actions. More importantly, exerting 100% effort in developing remarkable results. In my case, that is producing not only remarkable photos, but also moving photographs where the captured moments come to life.
As the years passed, more and more people helped me through mentorship and demonstration in actual junctures. I was also able to develop my unique style in wedding photography—capturing relaxed, expressive, candid, and more natural and spontaneous-looking photos especially of the bride and groom. It is of utmost importance that my photos are with overbearing emotions of the couple where their deepest sentiments can be viewed and felt by anybody who would witness my work. That one day, no matter how many years have lapsed and when looks have already wilted, their wedding photographs have not faded and will be a constant reminder of how deeply and truly they have loved one another when they made their vows on the most important day of their lives.
I am a photographer with boundless drive and undying commitment. This is my work. This is my passion. This is Mike Cobarrubias.